What is a Meal Plan?
Meal plans with Temple Culinary Services are convenient, flexible, and full of options on Temple's campus. A Meal Plan with Temple Culinary Services unlocks delicious and nourishing breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, snacks, and more at dining destinations across campus. Your Meal Plan includes meal access conveniently loaded onto your Temple University OWLcard. No need to carry additional cards or cash. You can even access our locations direct from your mobile phone via your Apple Wallet! Here are a few resources to help get you started:

Fall 2021 Meal Plans

  • Meal Plans begin at dinner on August 21, 2021

  • Meal Plans end on December 15, 2021 


  • First-year and transfer students living in on-campus housing will have dining hall access during Welcome Week / Move-In.
  • Cash, Credit, Diamond Dollars, or Meal Tickets are accepted forms of payment for guests who wish to dine in the dining hall prior to Meal Plans starting with Dinner on August 21.
  • J&H will be open on Tuesday, August 17 and Wednesday, August 18 (8am - 10am, 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm)
  • Both Morgan and J&H will be open Thursday, August 19 through Saturday, August 21  (8am - 10am, 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 8pm)

Am I required to have a Meal Plan? 

If you are a first-year student living in on-campus housing, or a transfer student living on-campus, you are required to purchase a minimum Meal Plan of 10 Meals Per Week.

Available to all First-Year and Tranfser Students living in on-campus housing:

Available to all returning, commuting, and graduate students:


What comes with a Meal Plan?
What is the difference between Board Swipes and Meal Equivalency Swipes? Where can I use my Meal Plan swipes?

We’ve got you covered with tons of options to satisfy any craving - wherever and whenever it hits you on campus.

The Board Swipe function of your Meal Plan gives you access to both of our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, including the Esposito Dining Center located inside Johnson & Hardwick (J&H) Hall and Morgan Dining Hall. 

This function of the Meal Plan allows your student the option to choose a convenient meal in one of our retail locations like Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express, Saladworks, Bento Sushi, and more. Each Meal Plan includes a certain number of equivalencies that can be used weekly or per semester, depending on the plan purchased. The meal equivalency gives a cash value towards each purchase. The breakfast equivalency rate is $6.71. The lunch and dinner equivalency rates are $9.25. Meal Equivalencies may be used in both dining halls where you can use a board swipe, and meal equivalencies can be used at the additional dining locations in the Student Center Food Court and Morgan Food Court.

The Diamond Dollars program is Temple's campus-based debit card solution that eliminates the need to carry cash.  Everyone who has a Temple University OWLcard, has a Diamond Dollars account. Depending on your Meal Plan, you may have Diamond Dollars added to your account that can be used for things like covering a balance when you spend more than the meal equivalency rate at one of our retail locations. For example, if you’re using your Meal Plan and decide to order lunch at Saladworks in the Student Center and your order totals $9.75, the meal equivalency rate ($9.25) will be deducted, so your balance is now $0.50 and can be covered by asking the Cashier to use your Diamond Dollars (cash, credit can also be used to cover balances). Additional Diamond Dollars can be added by visiting Temple’s Diamond Dollars website.    

Students do not have to use the Meal Equivalency portion. If you like the value and the experience of the All-you-Care-To-Eat locations, all Meal Plan swipes (whether assigned as Board Swipe or Meal Equivalency depending on your selected Meal Plan) can be used in our resident Dining Halls, Morgan and J&H. Many students do this because we offer fun events, special menus, and giveaways at the dining halls through the semester. 

How many meals should I expect? How does this work?
What are the differences in the plans and how do I know how many meals I'll need each week?

Here are some scenarios:

10 Meal Plan

  • 5 days of meals, 2 meals per day = 10 weekly

  • Student doesn't like to eat breakfast; only eats lunch & dinner, Monday through Friday & goes home on the weekends so doesn't need to cover these days

  • Student eats breakfast and lunch, but will plan to go off campus (off meal plan) for dinner & goes home on the weekends so doesn't need to cover these days

  • Student likes the Dining Hall and is not interested in using the Meal Equivalencies - student can use all 10 weekly swipes to access the All-You-Care-To-Eat Dining Halls.

  • $1,657 per semester

12 Meal Plan

  • Student uses 12 meals over the course of the week - 2 meals per day on average, 6 days per week - leaving one day per week left to purchase meals off campus (off meal plan)

  • Some days students may use one meal, other days may use three meals per day. 

  • Student likes the Dining Hall and is not interested in using the Meal Equivalencies - student can use all 12 weekly swipes to access the All-You-Care-To-Eat Dining Halls.

  • $1,939 per semester

15 Meal Plan

  • Student likes eating breakfast, lunch & dinner, 5 days per week, goes home on weekends or buys meals off campus (off meal plan)

  • Student uses 15 meals over the course of the week - 2 meals per day on average 

  • Student likes the Dining Hall and is not interested in using the Meal Equivalencies - student can use all 15 weekly swipes to access the All-You-Care-To-Eat Dining Halls.

  • $2,216 per semester

Unlimited Meal Plan

  • Student has Unlimited access to the All-You-Care-To-Eat Dining Halls, Morgan & J&H. These locations can be used throughout the day to grab a quick drink, snack, fruit, etc.

  • In addition to the Unlimited Dining Hall swipes, the student has an additional 14 Meal Equivalencies to use each week. Meal Equivalencies can be combined to cover large balances to treat friends. There are no time restrictions or limits to how many restrictions can be used together.

  • Best value at $2,254 per semester

Managing your Meal Plan
To add or change a meal plan, visit MyHousing via the TUPortal

There are two ways you can check your Meal Plan balance:
1. On the TUMobile app under Meal Plan Balance
2. Ask any cashier to check your balance for you at a register

Diamond Dollars running low? No problem - add more here.


Fall 2021 Meal Plan Registration
How do I purchase a meal plan?
Login to the TUPortal to choose your Meal Plan under the MyHousing link.

Some students may select housing, others may bypass selecting on-campus housing and will continue on this site to select only a Meal Plan. Please review the Meal Plan details including our new, simplified options. Then, login to the TUPortal to choose your Meal Plan under the MyHousing link. Your Meal Plan selection will be included in your Temple tuition bill. 

 How all students can select a Meal Plan through MyHousing



  • I want to go to the dining hall, but I don't have a Meal Plan, what are my options?
    Guests without Meal Plans can visit our all-you-care-to-eat Dining Halls, J&H and Morgan, by paying cash, credit, and Diamond Dollars.
    Breakfast =  $8.40, Lunch = $11.55, Dinner = $12.65

  • Can I use my Meal Plan Meal Equivalencies at the Dining Halls instead of the Retail Locations?
    Yes! Meal Plans come with both Board Swipes and Meal Equivalencies, but you can always use your Meal Equivalencies to access our all-you-care-to-eat Dining Halls.

  • Why does my Meal Plan come with Board Swipes and Meal Equivalencies?
    Students will organically find themselves navigating campus and using their meal plan wherever they may happen to be at that particular time of day. Students may start the day in the dining hall with a healthy breakfast if it's close to their residence hall (which it usually is!). Moving more central to campus for classes, meetings, and activities, many students find that using the Meal Equivalencies at the Food Courts are a convenient bonus to the Meal Plans. The brands offered provide great quality and a lot of variety for all of our guests. Students many times find that the dining hall is a relaxing experience for dinner where they can lounge and eat dinner and dessert while studying or catching up with friends. It truly depends on how the student plans their day around campus, but the meal plans provide flexibility so they're accepted widely.

  • I have a special dietary need. Who can I contact for help?
    We have experienced professionals to help you navigate campus options for special dietary needs like food allergies, intolerances, religious restrictions, medical needs, and more. Please email aramark@temple.edu to be connected with a Registered Dietitian.

  • I am moving in before Meal Plans begin, what should I do?
    First-year and transfer students living in on-campus housing that move-in prior to the start of Meal Plans will have Dining Hall access during Welcome Week. Returning students, parents, and visitors are able to dine in our open locations using cash, credit, Diamond Dollars, or departmental Meal Tickets. Returning students will be able to use Meal Plans starting with dinner at both J&H and Morgan Dining Halls on Saturday, August 21, 2021.

  • I want to see your menus for the Dining Halls, are they online?
    Want to learn what’s on the J&H and Morgan menus before you head out the door? Our menus will be posted on our website as we get closer to the start of the semester. Use this easy tool to help you plan ahead, determine dietary requirements, and more. Visit our Locations and Menus webpage for additional information. 

  • I have a questions about my Meal Plan billing. Who should I contact? 
    For billing questions, please contact The Temple University Housing and Residential Life Office.
    Phone: 215-204-7184

  • This is really convenient and the food is so good, I want more! Can I sign up for a larger Meal Plan?
    Yes! You can sign-up and upgrade for Meal Plans anytime through the TUPortal or by emailing housing@temple.edu

  • My eyes are bigger than my belly. I signed up for a Meal Plan that's too much for me. What can I do?
    You have the first two weeks of the semester to downgrade your Meal Plan selection. Visit the TUPortal or email housing@temple.edu. We recommend taking our short Find Your Fit questionaire to help you determine the best plan for you. 





Our Meal Plans

First Year and Transfer Student Plans
All new students living in University Housing are required to purchase a meal plan.
Returning and Off Campus Plans
Living off campus brings a different set of needs and challenges to college life. Commuters and residents in the surrounding apartments are offered a select group of meal plans specifically tailored with flexibility in mind.