We work together to continually develop and implement sustainable solutions. Through Green Thread, our environmental sustainability platform, we bring innovative and efficient solutions to life. We are passionately focused on reducing the environmental impact within our operations. 

Here are just a few ways we work to make our campus more environmentally conscious:

Local Purchasing


Did you know Temple Culinary Services sources food from many local farmers, growers, and distributors? Our procurement decisions change throughout the year depending on seasonality and availability for the freshest and best ingredients.

We partner with local organizations to bring you local produce. Supporting local networks of farms encourages sustainable agriculture and strengthens communities and small businesses. Reducing travel also contributes to less greenhouse gas emissions, making local foods more sustainable. 

Look for seasonal recipes in our residential dining hall menus that bring you delicious, fresh, and environmentally-friendly nutrition.  


Recycling is a common practice in all Temple Culinary dining locations across campus. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. Look for signs in our locations for information on where customers can support our recycling initiatives by placing recyclables in the proper receptacles. 

Fryer Oil Recycling

One hundred percent of the oil used in fryers in our dining locations is recycled.