All new students living in University Housing are required to purchase a meal plan. To add or change a meal plan, visit the MyHousing system via the TUportal.

Meal plans do not auto renew from spring to fall. You must manually sign-up for a new meal plan for the fall and spring semester. In the fall semester, you will sign-up for your fall and spring meal plans, and if you need to make an edit it must be done within the first 2 weeks of the specific fall or spring semester.

Unused meals will not roll over to the next semester. If you have a weekly plan, meals expire at the end of each week and are reset on Monday morning. Block Meal plans expire at the end of each semester. All Diamond Dollars stay with you until you graduate!
  • Unlimited Meal Plan


    • Swipes Unlimited access 7 days per week
  • 15 Meals per Week


    • Swipes 15 Meals per Week
  • 12 Meals per Week


    • Swipes 12 Meals per Week
  • 10 Meals per Week


    • Swipes 10 Meals per Week